Breaking Conventions and Taking Chances in 1999


Film Club Rule #482: The 50s were nifty, but 1999 was mighty fine.

The year 1999 saw directors taking chances with unique storylines, digital animation, and out of character casting. It seemed every director wanted to leave a mark before the new millennium. George Lucas created a new chapter in the Star Wars saga for the first time in over ten years. Computer animation came into it’s own with the great sequel Toy Story 2. Even David Lynch surprised folks by making a G rated film for Disney. Join us as we take a look films that came out in the year 1999. Each host brings a favorite film and a sleeper pick from that year. Heather discusses the importance of The Matrix and Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai. Rusty talks about why you should go back and watch Spike Lee’s excellent film Summer of Sam. His sleeper pick is the Frank Oz directed feature Bowfinger which was written by Steve Martin. Jeff shares his love of Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Magnolia, and then talks a little cannibalism and the film Ravenous.


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