Documentaries Change the World


Film Club Rule #602: Reality is what you make of it.

In this episode, we look at the Sight and Sound list of the greatest documentaries of all time. The film at the top of the list is the Russian film Man With A Movie Camera. Does it belong as the top film? Does anyone in the group think the top film should be something else? After discussing Man With A Movie Camera, we look at the top ten films on the list and proceed to list our favorites. Jeff talks about The Maysels’ film Grey Gardens and its eccentric stars Big and Little Edie. Heather discusses one of her favorite documentaries Harlan County, USA, a film directed by Barbara Kopple about striking coal miners in Kentucky. Finally, Rusty brings up the iconic documentary The Thin Blue Line by documentarian Errol Morris. We also talk about the role of the documentarian and the need for media literacy.


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