Joan & John Cusack: It’s A Family Affair


Film Club Rule #587: Why cast just one Cusack when you could cast two?

Appearing in nine films together, the Cusack siblings carved out acting niches for themselves starting at an early age In John Hughes’ film Sixteen Candles. After that, John landed starring roles in films that would define a generation like 1989’s Say Anything and a film he co-wrote High Fidelity, while his older sister found supporting roles where she shined earning two Academy Award nominations for roles in Working Girl and In & Out. They appeared together in High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank, and Cradle Will Rock. Jeff, Heather, and Rusty also discuss John’s recent role as Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy and Joan’s career defining role as the voice of Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl in the Toy Story Franchise. Join the crew from Film Club as we discuss the careers of the Cusacks, Joan and John.



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